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Supar Mom's


SUPAR school- a digital Gurukul uses a special method to make learning easier, more immersive and wholly enriching for the students. Our method of teaching has been designed to develop a set of cognitive-based skills which give impetus to the child’s holistic growth and development by focusing on improving and sharpening all skills. In the SUPAR SCHOOL program, we shall be covering a set of 12  essential skills based on a unique LSRW ( Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) method of teaching.





Sudheer Sandra ( Managing Director, SUPAR School)

A psychologist, Career Counselor &  Behavioral Skills Coach, with over a decade of experience and impact over 10 lakh students, Sudheer is the Founder of SUPAR School, a parallel school that focuses on enabling children learn real-life skills necessary for growth. He has been an award winning counsellor, therapist, speaker and more,with Pyschologist of  the Year, Rashtriya Gaurav award & 10+ Awards to his credit. His work has been covered by many eminent media outlets and his content online is followed by at least 6 million individuals across the World.  

Why SUPAR School?

Gamifying the Education Experience Through Technology & Teaching Creative Skills,  Building Character of Students via Activity based Learning

We get your children talent discovered

Convert Your Idea to a Product Via SUPAR School Innovation Hub

Custom Tailored Curriculum Focused on 9 Multiple Intelligence

Gamifying the Education with Advanced Technology, Leaderboards & Rewards

Win & Redeem SUPAR Coins that you earn - World's First Program where you can earn your money back

Providing student-centric education to make the students globally competitive and socially responsible citizens

Sessions to Ignite & Imbibe Creative Art Skills for Students

Access Courses from Website, App, Tablet and Anywhere Across the World

Rewarding the Performances Via SUPAR COINS

Women Skill Development & Empowerment Initiative for Mothers of SUPAR Kid's

Organising Session with Domain Experts

Innovating the Modules Everyday for Student 360 Degree Development


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing





Creative Skills

Creative Skills





Any Student who is from Class 1-9 can join for SUPAR School Courses. Other Skill development courses can be learnt by anyone who is passionate to learn to GROW in his Life. 

You can join SUPAR School anytime and access all the activities and Course Modules. You can see all the courses at Course Page from the Main Bar Section. 

SUPAR School is world’s first Digital Parallel school, You can join the school from anywhere in the world and access courses when you are free. 

We have a Combination of Both Live Sessions which are by Psychologists and also Activities / Modules are Recorded and Given using a Technology Platform (App) Which has to be submitted by the Student.

No, We don’t have any academic related stuff. There are activities and tasks given to you every saturday and you will be given a week’s time to submit them. we have a reporting system which will give you a 360 degree report on your Skills, Abilities and Persona

Supar School is a Complete Online School where the activities and training is given through our Mobile app and Tech Platforms.

We Don’t have any branches. we are operating from Hyderabad, india. 

Supar School is run by a Team of Psychologists where the curriculum is designed in such a way that it will help in improving 12 various skills of a student and thus make him/her mentally active. 

No, We have a Model of Mentor Mentee Program, Every class has its own Mentor who will be guiding students to complete his tasks.

We are 24×7 Available on Email at [email protected] you can expect a reply in less than 24 hours. we are also available on Call at 8886138871 (10AM-6PM IST)  Or you can raise a Ticket in our Contact Page.

Self Grooming Activity is allotted to students which is to be completed in 24hours. These activities help students to perform better in day to day life and activities 

Saturday is Holiday for SUPAR KIDS and for SUPAR School 

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