Managing Relationship Workshop 2021

In Relationship Management workshop, you will learn the skills needed to build and maintain relationships. This includes communication, understanding of others behaviors in a variety of social situations, as well as conflict resolution techniques.

What you will learn?

1. Principles of Relationship

2. Understanding Methods to Strengthen any relationship

3. Understanding & Maintaining Healthy Relationship

3. Mistakes we commit in any relationship

4. Q & A Session

How is the Workshop Organized ?
2 Days Session + 7 Days Challenge + 1 Day Session

Bonus :
15 Days Relationship Management Newsletter & Certificate of Appreciation

Workshop Dates :
Session 1 : 25th Sep 2021
Session 2 : 26th Sep 2021
7 Days Challenge
Session 3 : 3rd Oct 2021

– 15 Days Newsletter

About the Speaker :

Sudheer Sandra A psychologist, Career Counselor &  Behavioral Skills Coach, with over a decade of experience and impact over 10 lakh students, Sudheer is the Founder of SUPAR School, a parallel school that focuses on enabling children learn real-life skills necessary for growth. He has been an award winning counsellor, therapist, speaker and more,with Pyschologist of  the Year, Rashtriya Gaurav award & 10+ Awards to his credit. His work has been covered by many eminent media outlets and his content online is followed by at least 6 million individuals across the World.  

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