About Naipunya - Skill Development Week 2020

Are you confused about which career path to choose? Do you want to convert your passion into your profession? Are you interested in mastering a skill? Well, It’s should be remembered that diversifying your skillsets can get you further in life. Supar school is introducing Naipunya, a specially curated skill development week for improving and enhancing your skills. At this workshop, you will be equipped with the wisdom to evolve and heighten your abilities. Skills like digital marketing, design, entrepreneurship, leadership, and many more, will be stressed upon in this event. We are here to address all of your uncertainties and guide you to become a better version of yourself. This event is for all age groups, which will help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. During these sessions, we aim to provide you motivation and clarity for improving your skillsets.

This event will be led by a team of influential speakers, all highly proficient in their specialties. Fourteen speakers will be covering multiple topics, from agriculture to entrepreneurship. By subscribing with 199/-, you can gain lifetime knowledge from innovative and creative individuals who will push you to your goals. With sessions like ‘Passion to Profession’, We’ll be focusing on tips and tricks on how to convert your passion into a career. Various experts from performing arts to designing will be sharing their stories and advice on how you can strive for greatness in your interested career. The ‘Competitive exams’ session will shed light on how to ace all entrance exams. From educational to government examinations, we’ll cover it all. We aim to steer your course in the right direction for providing the best results.

From young students to budding professionals, everyone can benefit and learn from this event. Attend it from the comfort of your home and be a part of new beginnings from 1st September to 7th September 2020 at 6 PM – 8PM

Let this event be your one-stop destination for knowledge and transformation.Through Naipunya, you’ll be able to discover how to convert one skill into a potential business or career. Improvement begins with ‘I’, so join us and improve your skills!

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