Nishchala Harbola

Psychological Counsellor

ABOUT Nischala

She is a Psychologist with over five years of experience of working with children.

She believes that each individual has the potential to become an architect of change in his or her life and she facilitates that change leading them to a happy and fulfilling life. 

Driven by her passion to work in the field of mental health and her optimism in life, she has provided counselling to children of all age groups and from varied backgrounds, helping them through their life’s problems.

Her expertise lies in providing intervention for behavioural, emotional and academic issues, helping people deal with stress, fear of exams, anger management, dealing with insecurity and separation, peer relations, coping with bullying, conflict resolution, developing study strategy, enhancing self esteem and self confidence etc, through individual and group counselling. 

She holds a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Amity University Uttar Pradesh, along with a Certificate in Guidance and is soon to receive her RCI license for Special educator

Clinical Consulation

1-2-1 consultation

Family Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

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