Suicide Awareness Prevention Week


SUPAR Foundation along with SUPAR School is Organizing SUICIDE PREVENTION AWARENESS WEEK in Association with LIONS CLUB of Secunderabad North, Rotary Club of Global Literacy and JCI Nellore Town.

Join the Facebook Live event at 7PM IST every day from 7th-10th September , 2021.

The SUICIDE PREVENTION AWARENESS WEEK will discuss causes, symptoms & Preventive measures of suicidal thoughts & Laughter Yoga session too followed by Q & A session

Resource Persons
👉 Sudheer Sandra
Psychologist, Career Counselor
👉 Mahesh Sanga
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
👉 Dr. Padmesh, Ph.D
Laughter Yoga Trainer

👉 Dr. Pruthvi Reddy M

MD, Psychiatry, Pruthvi Neuropsychiatry, Karimnagar

Join Facebook live @

Join us for World Suicide Prevention Week 2021, where we will be discussing ways to stay connected with both yourself and others, to play an active part in suicide prevention 💚

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